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We can unconsciously coast through life, or we can decide to go off autopilot, and consciously put one foot in front of the other.  

The way we show up on our mat is no different from the way we show up in every area of our lives.  Our practice is a time where we get to develop and learn new techniques.  What was once something that had to be learned, turns into something that we own, and can get us to where we ultimately want to go.

Through conscious repetition in our physical practice, we develop new insight and awareness when weโ€™ve gone too far, or when we are just staying stagnant in one place.  We arenโ€™t holding poses, so much as we are moving though them, getting around ourselves, and any obstacles placed in our way.

This awareness we develop in the body, seeps itโ€™s way into the way we move through our lives. We get to go from being the passenger to the driver and take ahold of the wheel.