5 hour teacher intensive

(For all teachers 200hr or more certified)


Over the course of the training, we will explore different techniques to become more efficient in our physical practice, moving through poses with intelligence by way of using measure in many forms.


  • How to approach sequencing in new ways

  • Working with one on one with students

  • Developing and maintaining a home practice

  • Explore sacred geometry

  • When and why to use props

  • Hands on assists

  • different styles of pranayama and how to incorporate them into practice

  • Working with injuries and different levels of practitioners

  • refining your voice as a teacher

Whether you just started teaching or have been at it for years, this training will leave you with new tools to use in your approach.

Saturday, April 27th



Home practice workshop


A home practice gives us the time and space to approach our practice in a new way.  This workshop will offer tools and techniques from Katonah Yoga®.  Explore how our body is designed to fit itself, and how that seeps into the way we live our lives.

Day to day, our schedules change, and life happens.  A home practice gets us to show up no matter what life throws at us.  If we have 5 minutes one day, and 2 hours another, we learn how to use the time we have to our advantage.

Ultimately, our practice informs us of how we are showing up off of our mats. Our home practice gives us the time to go inward. Communal classes are a time to look out, and see who and what’s around us.  Both are powerful and serve us in different ways.

This is for any and all levels of practitioner. Come and explore the vast world of what a home practice has to offer.

Sunday, April 28th w/ Josie

(For any and all practitioners)



*Bring a journal and something to write with*

Teaching a private


Learn how to sequence and tailor a private session for each individuals needs. Develop the skills and techniques to help promote optimal health, well being, and longevity in the body by exploring the vast World of adjustments.

Saturday, May 18th