Think of this like a personal adjustment session and an anatomy lesson rolled into one. Josie has the training and foresight to examine people’s bodies in person, while conversing through certain postures and transitions to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your physical practice both in that moment, and for the future. She assists you into postures with the help of certain props and tools so that you may direct your breath and your awareness in a whole different way. Each lesson leaves me feeling more open and aware of where my body is in space and how well it’s performing – both within the hour of our session and for days after. Using the knowledge she has gained during your session and the trainings she has completed, Josie is able to send you off with your ‘homework’ so that you may use the tools and insight you’ve gained to continue your practice both on and off the mat.
— Chelsea M.

Josie creates a learning environment that is full of kindness, patience and personal attention. She encourages each student to always ask “Why?”. She teaches that there is no right way or wrong way, but rather, what way is serving the highest purpose in the current moment. You can see and feel Josie’s passion for yoga, people and life. I look forward to each practice and teacher training with Josie as she pours her love and light into each experience.
— Gail M.

Teacher training was always something at the back of my mind. I told myself that it would be a worthwhile experience to do it with any teacher. But my heart and gut wanted to learn from Josie. Her simultaneously fire-like energy and ocean-like peace is entrancing. Whether teaching a class or a training, Josie has command of the room, but also allows space for her students to learn from themselves. She’s dynamic. She’s passionate. Thank goodness for Josie, Thank Yoga, and all that both of those stand for.
— Sallee R.

i had no idea what to expect when i enrolled in josie’s mentorship three months ago, i did know i was ready. and honestly, it was an incredible experience. i’m still a struck by how much has shifted in my practice, my teaching, my mind. these past three months haven’t been easy but they have been insightful and energizing. my vision is so much clearer. it really helps to be held accountable and josie does it so well.
i wasn’t sure i would ever feel comfortable or confident as myself, as a yoga teacher but i’m getting there. and i’m learning to use these tools to my advantage to bend myself toward joy. i’m so grateful for these practices and for josie. she truly leads by example, embodied and clear with straight forward compassion.
— Emily H

I never expected to become a Yoga Teacher at the age of 23, but the community at Thank Yoga helped let it happen.

My experience with the Thank Yoga 200 Hr Teacher Training class was one that I will never forget. I learned copious amounts of information both on the mat and off of the mat, not knowing which to expect more. Though the most valuable information obtained was the concept of love, both from myself and from my fellow peers. Throughout the training I learned about the idea of truthfulness and though it came from within, my class of teacher trainees helped bring it out of me. The last thing I expected from training was to gain twenty sisters and one brother :)

I learned the value of yoga, breath, and the idea of letting go. Our instructor, Josie, taught me how to spread my wings and fly without looking back. She introduced the idea of exuding self care, not selfishness. And most importantly, to trust the journey and not question it.

Forever in love with this practice,
— Alyzeh A

Working with Josie changed my entire perspective on myself as a teacher and the way I approach yoga as a whole. She has a way of asking you to call on your higher self, to dig deep and get your hands dirty, to look at yourself and really get to the heart of who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re making it happen. I’ve noticed a shift in my teaching. There’s a calm and confidence that was missing before. I’ve noticed a shift in my own practice. There’s an ease and warmth that I remember from when I first began this journey, but somehow got lost along the way. We all feel overwhelmed at times, and doing the work is hard. Sometimes all it takes is a teacher to help you shed some light on your path. Thank you, Josie.
— Krystina R.

The Nicaragua retreat with Josie was far from just a vacation, it was honestly a life changing experience. I was new to Yoga when I signed up (which scared me to death), but I very quickly forgot about that as soon as we began our first practice. Josie does such an amazing job of reading her audience and tailoring her practice to each student in the class. This trip changed my perspective on so many things.... It changed my perspective on Yoga, really opening my eyes to the creativity that is possible with the physical practice. It expanded my knowledge on the spiritual/emotional side of Yoga, and it also led me to some deep self discovery and awareness. She does such a great job inspiring her students to look inward and find awareness in their intuition, which ultimately led me to signing up for her 200 HR Teacher Training.
— Alison A.

This experience has given me a strong sense of who I am as a teacher, practitioner and as an individual. I have always come back to yoga, no matter how long the break, but did not know why. Learning why I love and need this practice has been invaluable. This experience has helped me better understand who I am, why I practice and has given me clarity I did not think possible. During these six months I have discovered myself instead of feeling defined by the roles I play. This confidence has allowed me to open my heart to whatever may come next, with excitement for adventure. Signing up, my goal was to become certified, learn how to build strong sequences and hold a handstand. I did learn these things, but as we wrap up our last day together, I can honestly say the most valuable thing I learned was kindness for myself and a strong sense of who I am.
— Kelli C